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About Webinar:

Join us for a live webinar on how Quadro RTX catalyzes next-generation healthcare and delivery by providing superior medical imaging systems, enabling minimally invasive surgical techniques with Virtual Reality (VR), assisting clinicians with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced diagnostic tools, and achieves the most important goal of all – improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

By viewing this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Learn about the latest advances in computer graphics with an emphasis on real-time ray tracing and hybrid rendering techniques in a medical imaging and clinical practice context.
  • See how VR is transforming areas of medicine ranging from teaching anatomy (and other disciplines), to facilitating robotically assisted and minimally invasive surgery.
  • Explore how AI is transforming diagnostic tools, speeding time to diagnosis, driving the delivery of personalized medicine, and assisting other critical areas like drug discovery.

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