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M-1 Global Support Services

NVIDIA Networking has been the InfiniBand interconnect leader for the past decade having successfully deployed millions of high- performance computing nodes in the world's largest and most efficient InfiniBand clusters. Our team of support experts have a combined experience of over 50 years in deploying the most challenging and leading-edge InfiniBand clustering technology over several generations across a wide variety of applications in High-Performance Computing and Enterprise Data Centers. NVIDIA Networking is unique in its ability to support end-to-end solutions inclusive of silicon, firmware, host software stacks, adapter cards, switch systems, gateway systems, fabric management software and cables. The NVIDIA Networking M-1 Global Support Services plans allow you to put that expertise to work for you in a manner that suits your requirements.

Customer Centric Support Plans to Suit Every Need

NVIDIA Networking M-1 Global Support Services plans are created to provide our customers with the optimal experience with NVIDIA Networking equipment. The M-1 Global Support Services plans encompass a variety of support choices to suite every need and level of user expertise. Three different pre-defined service levels are offered: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Silver and Gold service plans can be further augmented with a Professional Services plan which allows customers to leverage advanced NVIDIA Networking cluster services on-site.

Bronze Support Plan

The Bronze support plan is our base level support plan, tailored for system administrators that are self sufficient in supporting their NVIDIA Networking infrastructure but would like to augment support for hardware trouble shooting and replacement for hardware components in a timely manner. The Bronze support plan does not cover support for host software stacks or fabric management software.

Silver Support Plan

The Silver support plan is our most popular support plan and provides complete end-to-end support for NVIDIA Networking solutions. NVIDIA Networking end-to-end solutions provide the highest efficiency, reliability and ROI allowing system administrators to maximize the use of their investment in NVIDIA Networking solutions. The Silver support plan is ideally suited for delivering the best value and optimal use of your NVIDIA Networking infrastructure. The Silver support plan covers adapter cards, host software stacks with experts on OFED stacks, and switch and gateway support including fabric management software.

Gold Support Plan

The Gold support plan is our premium service plan for mission critical deployments where small percentage of down time can mean a significant loss to business. The Gold plan provides 24/7 hotline support and very short response times in addition to end-to-end support for NVIDIA Networking solutions.

Professional Services

With a Silver or Gold Support Plan customers can add M-1 Global Support Professional Services which provide on-site advanced technical support services tailored for customer-specific needs. The M-1 Global Support Professional Services Plan augments the support services offered by your local System Integrator beyond basic installation providing expert cluster services. M-1 Global Support Professional Services include:

  • Cluster design for every size cluster
  • Best Practices review for cluster bring-up
  • Best Practices review for cluster installation and maintenance
  • Fabric Management configuration and validation assistance
  • Benchmarking assistance and performance tuning optimizations
  • Assistance in bringing up any InfiniBand attached storage
  • Best practices review, bring-up and optimization of NVIDIA Networking gateway products for bridging to Ethernet or Fibre Channel systems

Support Matrix

Features Bronze (Hardware-only) Silver (HW/SW) Gold (HW/SW)
Software/Firmware updates
Access to Customer Support Portal
Phone Support Access N/A* 9AM-6PM Local TAC business hours 24/7
Email /Web/Toll free hotline
Call back response time 24H 4H 2H
Product coverage Hardware
Advanced HW replacement
SupportPlus 4H/NBD on-site support N/A* Yes - Additional charges apply Yes - Additional charges apply
On-site Professional Services Add-on Yes - Additional charges apply Yes - Additional charges apply Yes - Additional charges apply
RMA/Warranty Policy Shipped Next Business Day Shipped Next Business Day Shipped Next Business Day

* Not Available

Online Support

The purchase of any pre-defined service plan allows access to a powerful online customer support portal located at: The online Customer Resource Management (CRM) system provides a comprehensive online tool to manage all your support issues in one place and from anywhere that suits you. The online customer support portal provides the following benefits:

  • Complete case management including reporting support issues and tracking their progress
  • A searchable solutions database to find solutions and resolve issues rapidly
  • Easy access to documentation and Firmware/Software downloads
  • Subscription to automatic proactive alerts when new releases are available
  • Built-in RMA request and tracking system

In addition Email support is provided through the M-1 Global Support email alias:

World-Wide Technical Call Centers (TCC)

Expert phone support is available through our support centers in North America, EMEA and Asia, allowing customers in all areas of the world to receive timely and proactive support. Call numbers and details about the TCC hotline are available from your local NVIDIA Networking representative.

Technical Training

NVIDIA Networking offers detailed technical training and certifications on NVIDIA Networking products for system administrators who wish to stay abreast of the latest innovations and end-to-end solutions from NVIDIA Networking. Technical training includes in-depth coverage of Mellanox end-to-end solutions covering adapter cards, host software, switches, gateways and fabric management including hands-on lab work and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience.

Please contact your local NVIDIA Networking representative to obtain more details about the M-1 Global Support Services Plans including pricing and Service Agreements.

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