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Support by NVIDIA's Subject Matter Experts

Support Coverage (What's included):

  • Support for NVIDIA containers and associated software
  • NGC DL & ML containers
  • NVIDIA drivers NV-docker
  • CUDA
  • Configurations Supported in Version 1.0
  • Ubuntu 18.04 & RHEL 7.5 OS Support
  • NGC-Ready GPU systems
  • 24/7 portal, phone and email access to create support cases
  • Live support during local, regional business hours for technical assistance

Not included with NGS Support:

  • Hypervisor support
  • HW support (provided by Partner)
  • Non-NVIDIA specific SW support

*Initial service contract = 3 years (renewals available upon request)

Can I run other software besides what's included?
Yes, data science workstations are an ideal platform to run GPU-accelerated software.

How much work is required to use the GPU accelerated software in place of the CPU-based tools I'm currently using?
It depends on the complexity of the project, but in many cases you can just change a few lines of code to start taking advantage of NVIDIA GPUs for data preparation and machine learning.

What do the NGC Support Services supporting NGC-Ready Products include?
NVIDIA will offer a service program specifically designed to provide end users with a service on NVIDIA DL and ML containers.

What are the benefits of NGC Support Services for the customer?
Direct support from NVIDIA NGC and Data Science Workstation software experts with phone support during regional business house, complemented by 24 x 7 portal access for case logging, and issue resolution status as defined by the SLA.

Are the NGC Support Services available 24x7?
Customers have 24x7 portal access to create and review support cases. Real-time technical assistance is available during local business hours.

Is this service mandatory with the product?
No, it is optional.

Will NVIDIA provide support for customers that do not have a support plan?
No. NVIDIA would capture the issue/gap and provide it to the customer.

What term lengths are available?
NGC Support Services- Data Science Workstation, it requires 3 years initial service, and 1 year renewal.

Who will be selling NGC Support Services?
Partners who are part of the NGC-Ready program are eligible to resell the NGC Support Services.

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