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Unprecedented Visualization & Collaboration for VR
Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionizing professional workflows by making it possible to work at scale. Holding virtual models in your hands, walking through entire virtual buildings and urban settings, or rehearsing complex surgical procedures in virtual environments, are completely changing and widening the way VR is used in the workplace.



Learn how the NVIDIA® RTX™ product line, based on sophisticated NVIDIA Ampere architecture, is ideal for architects, designers, media and entertainment VFX specialists, engineers, healthcare, and scientific and technical professionals around the world who collaborate via virtual environments.

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This one-hour session will provide an overview of HTC VIVE® products, with a focus on the VIVE PRO SECURE™, the fully TAA compliant VR solution cleared for use in government classified or secure agency, institutional, or enterprise environments where sensitive IP mandates Authority to Operate (ATO) certification.

This professional-grade VR system provides all the benefits and features of the award-winning VIVE Pro, including top-tier graphics, premium audio, and SteamVR™ room-scale tracking, in addition to hardware modifications that restrict all radios, cameras, and wireless communication functions for secure performance.

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HTC VIVE Pro Secure


Government requires classified information and enterprises must protect sensitive IP. The HTC VIVE® Pro Secure™ is the world’s first VR HMD custom designed for secure environments that require Authority to Operate (ATO). This enterprise-grade system delivers top-tier graphics, premium audio, and SteamVR™ room-scale tracking without radios or any other form of wireless communication. Vive Pro Secure can go where others cannot.

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ON-demand Webinar

Take Your Product Design to New Heights With VR

As an engineer or designer, you’re always looking at ways to make the new product development processes more efficient and cost-effective. If you want more flexibility, easier collaboration, and the freedom to test new ideas without having to resort to expensive and time-consuming Rapid Prototyping (RP) this webinar is for you.

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VR Ready

NVIDIA's VR platform – which includes NVIDIA® VR Ready GPUs, and VRWorks™ SDKs – drives the world's greatest VR experiences based on the broadest and deepest VR solutions ecosystem.

Virtual Reality creation and consumption requires the highest-performance graphics to deliver the smoothest, most immersive and life-like VR experiences. Only NVIDIA VR Ready designated NVIDIA professional graphics have the level of performance and capabilities essential for best VR experiences across professional applications.



Delivering fully immersive VR experiences requires exacting simulation of your environment, including graphics, audio, and behavior. NVIDIA RTX™ utilizes real-time ray tracing, AI, and advanced VR shading technologies to take VR to a level of realism far beyond what traditional rendering offers. These advances are changing the way we collaborate, bringing people together spontaneously to brainstorm, review and revise creations in ways not previously possible.

VRWorks is NVIDIA’s comprehensive suite of APIs, libraries, and engines that enable application and headset developers to create amazing virtual reality experiences. NVIDIA RTX takes VRWorks, and resulting ISV products, to the next level with new graphics technologies including:


Improves VR performance and rendering quality by applying more GPU shading horsepower to the areas of an image where it will be most beneficial. VRS can vary shading work based on content level (Content Adaptive Shading), rate of content motion (Motion Adaptive shading), and for VR applications, lens resolution and eye position (Foveated Rendering).


A new VRWorks feature that enables efficient rendering to new HMD display configurations. MVR also extends NVIDIA's Single Pass Stereo (SPS) technology. While SPS allowed rendering of two views, MVR supports rendering of multiple views in a single pass even if the views in the VR environment utilize different origin positions or view directions.


Uses the RT Cores in NVIDIA RTX to bring stunning photorealistic visualizations into immersive VR. RTX Tensor Cores also contribute by enabling AI denoising, which can cut the number of ray tracing iterations required to achieve photorealism by an order of magnitude. Ray tracing also works with audio to create a complete acoustic image of the virtual environment in real-time, delivering physically realistic audio that conveys the size, shape, and material properties of the virtual environment, resulting in substantially increased performance and quality.


A new open industry standard that delivers power, display, and sensor information from VR HMDs (Head Mounted displays) to an NVIDIA RTX board over a single USB Type-C connector (RTX 8000, RTX 6000, RTX 5000, and the RTX 4000 only).

The features and benefits noted above, plus massive amounts of GPU memory (up to 48 GB of GDDR6), or the ability to scale NVIDIA RTX A6000, RTX A5000, RTX 8000, RTX 6000, RTX 5000, or GV100 performance with NVLink, even VR-SLI to assign a board to each eye, allow NVIDIA pro graphics to offer VR solutions unattainable elsewhere.

HTC’s industry leading VIVE product family now features the unique VIVE Pro Secure, the world’s first VR HMD designed for use in classified government and defense environments, or across enterprises and institutions where the protection of sensitive IP is required. With AOT, TAA Compliance, Section 889 Certification/FAR 52.204-26, a Letter of Volatility and PCB images, you can deploy the VIVE Pro Secure with confidence in the security of your data – and an absolutely state-of-the-art immersive VR Experience.

Secure Deployment

The VIVE Pro Secure hardware modifications ensure optimal performance while restricting all radios, cameras, and wireless communication features.

Offline SteamVR Library

This VR system includes access to the Offline SteamVR Library, which allows installation in a secure environment where the machine is not connected to the internet. Even if a machine is connected to the internet, the installer will not send or receive any data online.

Precision Tracking

Teleport around your own virtual space while seated at a desk or create a dedicated room-scale area1 to physically walk around. The sub-millimeter accuracy of SteamVR Tracking provides the best experience possible.

High Resolution Display

VIVE Pro Secure features dual-OLED displays with a resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels. This makes graphics, text, and textures look perfectly crisp. It provides the visual fidelity required for the most demanding use cases and environments.

Engineered for Comfort

Featuring even-weight distribution, the headset has been ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort and flexibility, even with extended use. It adjusts easily to accommodate a wide range of head sizes, interpupillary distance (IPD), and even glasses.

3D Spatial Audio

Hi-Res headphones and 3D spatial integration with a built-in amplifier offers true-to-life audio with increased volume and resonance.

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Create It

VRWorks™ is a comprehensive suite of APIs, libraries, and engines that enable application and headset developers to create amazing Virtual Reality experiences. VRWorks enables a new level of presence by bringing physically realistic visuals, sound, touch interactions, and simulated environments to Virtual Reality.



Multi-res shading, VR Scalable Link Interface (VR SLI), Single Pass Stereo, and Lens-Matched Shading


Context Priority, Direct Mode, Front Buffer Rendering


VRWorks Audio, OptiX™




Warp & Blend, Mosaic, GPU Synchronization


GPUDirect™ for Video

Desktop Components


Intel® i5-4950 / Xeon E3-1240 v3 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater


HTC VIVE Pro Secure, HTC VIVE Pro Eye, HTC VIVE, Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S

Mobile Components


HTC VIVIE Pro Secure, HTC VIVE Pro Eye, HTC VIVE, Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, and other popular PC compatible VR HMDs.

VR Ready Driver

OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 10 64-bit
SYSTEM MEMORY 16 GB minimum, more recommended
MULTI-GPU SYSTEM SLI certification recommended
NVLINK Requires application support
VIDEO OUTPUTS DisplayPort 1.2 or later to HDMI 1.4 Type II or later
USB PORTS USB 4, USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, additional ports may be required, check HMD documentation

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