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Unleashing the power of GPUs with ANSYS

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ANSYS Discovery Live, a technology exclusively using , provides engineers instant, invaluable feedback resulting in designs that are better optimized and understood than previously possible. Rather than requiring designers consume time with non-value added tasks, they can turn the design process into an interactive, educational experience.

The marrying of simulation technology, with the technological advances of NVIDIA Quadro graphics, are fundamentally changing the way products are designed and developed. For example, one Discovery Live user, Ninsight, reported a 50X decrease in the time needed to iterate through possible designs of a product!

Benefits of Quadro GPUs for ANSYS Users

  • Delivers the compute and graphics performance required to run and display complex CAE simulations
  • Performance, stability and ANSYS certification deliver tangible productivity benefits
  • Quadro + ANSYS lets design engineers and architects perform expert analytics
  • Enables simulation across all segments of the digital design process
Benefits of ANSYS for Architects, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing
  • Product or project development cycles are getting shorter while complexity continues to increase
  • The company that can explore, refine and optimize the best design ideas in the shortest time wins
  • ANSYS simulation tools shorten design cycles while delivering better results
  • Design engineers or architects can benefit from ANSYS analysis tools without expert knowledge in simulation software


ANSYS Discovery Live is the first ever real-time design and simulation environment with simultaneous visualization and performance feedback.
Unleash the power of CUDA parallel computing in your NVIDIA Quadro GPU.

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