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Parallel Dimensions Contest

Clinton and PNY are excited to collaborate with the community to create a piece of art that will draw on everyone’s unique creativity and join it together to produce a cohesive, unified and amazing creation that is bigger than the individual pieces.

Contest Rules

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Parallel Dimensions

Who is Clinton Jones?

Clinton Jones is a director, photographer and visual effects artist. Over the last two years he has been focusing on the creation of photoreal 3D renderings in order to expand his story-telling ability. He began his 3D journey with a simple thought: "If I can think it, I can create it."

What is Parallel Dimensions?

Clinton loves travelling to new places. The excitement of getting lost in a foreign country. Adventuring to the furthest, deepest point on the map. Listening to music that amplifies a place’s magic as you press the shutter on your camera. He's missed that feeling this year...

But he has an idea...

Over the next five weeks, he challenges you to add your own personal flare to the 3D template provided. Transform it into a lush, breathtaking garden, a snowy, war-torn alley, or a foggy swamp town. Make this one personal. Spend the time to create art you are truly proud of. In the end, the Top 20 submissions will be combined to form a collaborative audio/visual montage. (Kinda like a vfx megazord.)

And of those 20, three of you will be chosen to take home prizes that are guaranteed to push your creative ability even further.

Parallel Dimesions Final Render

Stream Vol. 1

Stream Vol. 2

Stream Vol. 3

Stream Vol. 4


Render 2
Render 2


1st - Christopher Shultz

2nd - Garrison Keeton

3rd - Cole Standley

4th - Danny Behar

5th - August Gehrman



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Rules & Resources

Rules & Details For Entry

  • The camera, foreground subject and background element must not be moved in order to achieve the match-cut effect that will tie every submissions together.
  • Final submissions must be rendered as low as (1920 x 810) and as high as (3840 x 1620). The aspect ratio of 2.37 must be maintained.
  • Your submission will not be considered unless you submit your project file and clay render.

*Terms & Conditions


  • YouTube:
    Clinton live-streams every Saturday at 10:45 AM PST on Over the next 4 streams, he'll focus on his submission process (and no he won’t choose himself as a winner, come on guys).
  • Discord:
    Join his VFX community server to post your work in progress, get tips on how to make the process smoother, ask questions and get advice, or just hang out.

Clinton's Process


Full Render


Full Render


Full Render


Full Render

Contest is Closed

Thank you for entering!